Barix constantly enhances the capabilities of their products. Therefore we recommend to keep the software on the device up-to-date.
To download the latest firmware version please visit

Download the firmware update package and unpack to a local drive.

Updating files
Click on "Please click here to continue" to launch the update process.
Before you click the link note that the update process can only be cancelled by power cycling the device.

The device will restart in a special mode called Bootloader and a screen appears showing a number counting down.
Please note that in this mode the standard http port 80 is always used.

To upload a resource click on "Browse..." to locate the file you want to update.
Once selected, click on "Upload".
This process can take a few minutes.

After a successful upload the following text appears:

"Resource" successfully loaded.

Click on update before updating the next component or
unplug the power supply to reboot the device.

If you choose "update" you may upload another resource or click the "reboot" button.
If you choose to reboot the following text appears:


Click here to reload the main page.

The device takes a few seconds to reboot. If you have a fixed IP address or DHCP resolves to the IP address used before, the main page will appear.

Version display
Versions are displayed on the right hand side of the Barix logo.

Application Type shows the active application.
MAC shows the MAC address of the device.
Firmware version shows the current version of the Firmware.
Web application version shows the current version of the Web application.
Bootloader version shows the current version of the Bootloader.
Setup version shows the current version of the Setup.
Song and xt versions shows the current versions of the 2 FW Extension modules.