1. URL .. 3. URL
Up to three independent audio sources (URLs) can be set. Each may contain a full address of a playlist, file or a stream. The three entries have different priorities, the first one has the highest priority and the last one has the lowest priority. The Barix Exstreamer processes the sources in a loop and tries to connect to the highest priority source available.
Default for 1. URL: "rtp://"
Default for 2. URL: ""
Default for 3. URL: "playlist.m3u"

URL syntax
The general URL syntax is: protocol://user:password@address:port/path.
If the protocol is omitted the file:// is assumed. User and password fields are optional and depending on the protocol the port may be specified. Refer to the manual for a full description.
The address field specifies the destination address to connect to. For RTP protocol it is the source address filter of the incoming stream ( accepts any incoming RTP stream). See the manual for more details.


Volume, Bass, Treble
Select the preferred output volume, bass and treble that will be adjusted at power up.
Default volume: 50 %
Default bass/treble: 0

This feature works only when playing from a playlist. When Shuffle is enabled the play order of songs in a playlist will be randomized (shuffled).
Exception: When playing from the local USB memory and a file called “shuffle.txt” is present then shuffling is enabled regardless of the “Shuffle” setting (see USB Autoplay).
Default: "Off"

USB Autoplay
In case the active URL is pointing to a non-existent file, plays all relevant audio files from the attached USB media in random order. Default: "On"